Hello! I'm Veronica Joy, 24 years of age and an Aquarian born on the 1st of February. I'm a Structural Engineer from the Philippines currently working for a US company specializing in connection design. I was born and raised in General Santos City but now residing in Cebu City. 

I loved writing when I was younger but when I started to study Civil Engineering in college, I sort of forgot about it. I started blogging at 12 years old, just when the blogging industry was booming. I wrote about my life and stuff 12 year old girls care about. I started another blog when I was in college, The Walrus is Bored, way back in 2012. The walrus indeed got bored and I left it. I launched one more blog, Joy to the World!, in 2013 promising to never leave blogging again. Of course I went inactive a couple more times after a few months of blogging. In 2018, I decided to be serious about my blog because I noticed how my work is drowning all my creativity away. To symbolize this new found seriousness, I bought my first ever domain name and renamed my blog to "Veronica Decides to Blog".

This blog was created as an outlet for me to discuss my interests in life namely: beauty, travel and food. I want to reach out to other people like me who loves the same things I do and hope that they learn something or be inspired from what I write. I share in this blog my experiences, travel tips, life lessons, beauty reviews, and everything else in between.

Here's to hoping that you are able to enjoy my musings and be able to take something from it. 

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Veronica Decides to Blog