Exploring Macau with the T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour

Sunday, April 5, 2020
When we traveled to Macau, we availed the iVenture Attraction Pass for Hong Kong and Macau. This was truly worth it (check out my post about that to know why!). One of its inclusions is the T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour - one of the best sightseeing tours in Macau. It is perfect for getting a glimpse of Macau featuring its rich heritage, history and impressive skyline. It’s best for travelers who only have limited time to explore Macau. 

TKW Macau Sightseeing Tour
T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour

We booked a tour a few days prior to our trip, as instructed on the iVenture website. We went directly to Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal and found the TKW Travel and Tours counter to claim our tickets. We were given some pamphlets and a sticker that would serve as our identification throughout the tour. NOTE: Booking your tour prior to the day you’ll be having the it is crucial. We encountered some groups who didn’t do so and they were not allowed to join the tour. The tour begins at 10:00 am.

T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour

A friendly tour guide called our attention for an orientation. The group was diverse - including a few Filipinos, Europeans and Koreans, even some who were Chinese. We were then led to a tour bus which transported us throughout the tour. The bus was okay, it wasn’t dirty or anything. They even handled my suitcase, which was a relief. And so...the tour begins! 

First up on our itinerary was the Mount Fortress, a fort built in the 1600's to protect Macau from pirates. It offers a panoramic view of Macau’s skyline. We enjoyed the fresh air here and took a bunch of photos. It kinda looks like the Philippines’ Intramuros, it being a fortress and all.

T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour

Next, we walked a short distance to reach the Ruins of St. Paul. The attractions are just adjacent each other. The guide offered some history regarding the parish and how it was burnt in the 1800s. This was a majestic sight, however, it was really crowded. I was able to get pretty good photos though (angle angle lang yan!). 

You’ll also find a food market when you descend the church’s grand staircase. It’s filled with appetizing dishes such as fishball in curry sauce, dumplings, milk tea and Macau’s famous Portuguese Egg Tart. We were then brought by the guide to a store with Filipina salesperson and was encouraged to buy souvenirs there, we didn’t buy anything though.

T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour
Hearty Lunch at the Riviera Hotel
It was then lunch time. The tour included a free buffet lunch at the Riviera Hotel. The choices weren’t much but considering that it was free, we were satisfied and had our belly’s filled. Over lunch, we also got to interact with the other Filipinos in the group. As we were on our first day of our HK-Macau trip and they were on their last day, we were eager to ask them about their tips, recommendations and experiences. 

When we were full, it was time to get on with the tour. We headed to A-Ma Temple, one of the oldest temples in Macau. The area was quite small but nonetheless beautiful. We were led to another souvenir shop in the are where we were offered free taste of their delicacies. Don’t be afraid to avail the free taste, no one will force you to buy anything. 

T.K.W. Macau Sightseeing Tour

The TKW Tour does not include free admission to the Macau Tower but this was included on the Iventure Card so we asked the guide to drop us off there. We ended the tour there while the rest of the tour proceeded to enjoy several casinos and Senado Square. The tour will approximately end at 3:30pm where the group will be brought back to Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal. 

TKW Macau Tour costs 54.04USD per adult which is pretty hefty for me. If this wasn’t included in the iVenture Card, I would have never joined a tour. Macau is pretty easy to navigate anyway and the casinos offer free shuttle buses to transport you to key places in Macau. You don’t even have to be a guest to avail these free shuttles. But overall, the TKW Macau Sightseeing Tour was an enjoyable experience. Kudos to our tour guide also, he was funny, very informative and spoke great English.

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