Retail Therapy Without Ruining Your Budget in Manila

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Retail Therapy in Manila
Retail Therapy and how to do it in Manila without ruining your budget.

Nothing wrong if you believe in retail therapy and really like shopping. After all, you deserve to be rewarded, or you’d find life too hard—just know where to shop.

You work a 9 to 5 job five times a week and had been good to just everyone you meet. Before you know it, here comes payday and the weekend! How do most yuppie like you reward yourself for hustling and being corporate slaves for the entire weekday? You shop. Continue reading to know what this article has to say about ‘retail therapy’ and the best budget-friendly places in Manila.

All about retail therapy

 Is retail therapy a thing? If you’ve seen the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ by P.J. Hogan, the guilty lead character explained why she likes to shop. According to her, there’s something about seeing a nice thing in the store, picking it up, swiping, then boom, it’s yours. To her, these items “never broke her heart.” Men probably can relate to this feeling as well—only that they have more self-control than women when it comes to shopping.

Now, let’s look at some studies and numbers. A survey conducted by TNS Global, on behalf of, revealed that 52% of Americas (64% women and 40% men) engage in retail therapy to improve their mood.

This supports a previous study done by the Journal of Psychology and Marketing. It states, 62% of shoppers bought something to cheer themselves up, while 28% purchased items as a form of celebration.

Shopping in Manila
There are plenty of places to shop in Manila without breaking your budget.

Do it in moderation 

So we’ve talked about how retail therapy serves as a de-stressor for both men and women. While it seems all good, it could lead to an unhealthy addiction if not done in moderation. What makes it wrong is when people shop beyond their means. So, yuppies in Manila need to know where to shop with a budget. After all, it would be wrong to spend every cent of your hard-earned money on material things, right?

Shop within a set budget 

Who wouldn’t have Divisoria on their personal list? Well, this place is still queen when it comes to budget-friendly shopping haven. You just need to know where the best deals are, such as Asuncion and El Cano streets for fruits, and Ongpin street for cheap clothes. If you’re after items to buy and give to friends as gifts, you can walk to 168 Shopping Mall or Tutuban shopping center. What they sell are not only affordable, but also made of quality materials.

For those who say Divisoria are for the mommies and not-so-chic enough, you may head to Greenhills Shopping Center instead. It has been around for quite a time now serving the more upscale population of trendy shoppers. Stores are neatly divided according to items sold and housed inside an air-conditioned building. You can find everything here from bags, shoes, to gadget and car accessories for the mean. Maybe it would be okay for your boyfriend or husband to tag along as you shop in Greenhills.

Quality is what matters 

You’ve probably heard of Taytay Tiangge before, from people talking about how many clothes they’ve hoarded on their very first visit. This garment haven located near the New Taytay Public Market in Rizal has been making waves offering items for as low as 40 pesos. Your 1000 pesos would definitely get far! Items are also trendy and doesn’t look how much they’re worth. See for yourself if this could be the Divisoria of the east, or even better.

Again, cheer up, people of the east! You don’t have to suffer commuting or driving in traffic to get to Divisoria or Greenhills Shopping Center. Just to go Marikina Market Mall. Especially if you’re fond of collecting shoes, you’ll find a lot here made by the famous and legendary shoemakers of Marikina. Rest assured, they’re worth your money because they’re going to last until they fit your grandchild feet, if not forever.

There is nothing wrong if you believe in retail therapy and really like shopping. After all, it is important to reward yourself from time to time, or you’d find life too hard. Just do it in moderation and don’t shop beyond your means. Visit these four best places to shop with a budget, which we have discussed. Remember, elegance is a way of life, not some brand or designer item money can buy.

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