10 Things to Do in Macau for Free

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Admission fees to different attractions while traveling can stack up and become a major dent in your wallet. Macau, also known as the gambling mecca of Asia, is infamous for its expensive hotels, luxurious shopping centers, grand casinos, impeccable shows and world class restaurants. No wonder why budget travelers feel a bit worried for their pockets when planning a trip to Macau. However, underneath Macau's extravagant exterior lies worthwhile destinations that can be enjoyed without spending a dime. Yes, you've read that right! Here are things you can do in Macau that are absolutely free.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
10 things to do in Macau for free.

1. Travel via Shuttle Bus
Getting from one point to another in Macau is extremely easy. Visitors may avail of various hotel shuttle buses that have routes and stops that includes all key locations in Macau. You just have to wait for a bus at a designated bus stop and hop on. You don't have to be a hotel guest to be board the buses, so don't be nervous when you try to ride one. The buses are in pristine condition and with free WIFI too! Shuttle service routes and schedules are provided in each hotel’s website. Another tip would be to ask the hotel staff members about how to go to your preferred destination. The hospitality industry in Macau is surely one of the finest in the world. Shuttle buses are great use for your Macau day trip

2. Go strolling through Senado Square

Senado Square is triangular shaped public park in Macau which is also a part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site. It is one of the most visited places in Macau because of its old world European styled architecture and historic significance. Another notable feature is the wavelike black and white mosaic floor which provides a dreamy feeling. 

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
The Ruins of St. Paul has no admission fee.

3. Visit the Ruins of St. Paul

Probably Macau’s most iconic landmark is the Ruins of St. Paul, the remaining facade of the St. Paul Parish which was devastated by a fire in the 1800’s. Due to it being a staple as a destination you can visit in Macau for free, tourists flock here so it could get pretty crowded. Make sure you visit early so you can enjoy the view more peacefully.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Stunning views at Mount Fortress

4. Enjoy the view at Mount Fortress

Located just in close proximity to the Ruins of St. Paul is another gem in Macau that is admission free. Mount Fortress, built between 1617 and 1626, is a fort that is formerly the stronghold for Macau’s military defense. It has since then been demilitarized but still features replica canons that lines its walls. Today, it offers a stunning panoramic view of Macau and is one of the best spots to catch the gorgeous sunset. You can also visit Museo de Macao which is located at the garden of the fortress. The museum also offers free admissions every Tuesdays and on public holidays.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Pay homage at A-Ma Temple

5. Pay homage at the A-Ma Temple

One of the oldest in Macau, A-Ma Temple is dedicated to sea goddess Mazu who is believed to guide seafarers for a safe journey. The temple has beautiful pavilions and halls which are incredibly tempting for shutterbugs everywhere. You do have to buy a pack of incense if you want to light some for the complete experience though.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Ride the cable car at Wynn Palace

6. Ride the Cable Car and watch the Performance Lake at Wynn Palace

Going for a cable car ride is usually pretty costly, however, Wynn Palace offers a free ride on their own version of a cable car, the SkyCab. Again, you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy this attraction. On the SkyCab, you are greeted with the best view of the hotel’s performance lake, a lake that combines water, lights and music for a spectacular show. If you’re lucky, you could catch the show while on the SkyCab, if not, watching it on ground level is just as wonderful. Performance Lake shows run every 30 minutes starting from 12:00pm to 12:00mn.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Pose in front of the Replica Eiffel Tower at the Parisian.

7. Pose in front of the Replica Eiffel Tower at The Parisian

Who say’s you have to catch a plane to Europe to take a photo with the famous Eiffel Tower? The Parisian Macao’s main attraction is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, albeit half-scaled. Taking a photo is totally free but if you prefer to go levels higher, there is an entrance fee for its observation deck.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Venice feels at The Venetian

8. Pretend You’re In Venice at The Venetian’s Canals

The Venetian’s Grand Canals are a sight to see. It’s lined with luxury shops and restaurants that are styled just like the ones you would see in Venice. Spending a long time here might make you forget you’re actually still in Macau. Romantic gondola rides are also available for a fee.

10 Things to Do in Macau for Free
Look at all the free attractions in other hotels and casinos.

9. Casino and Hotel Hopping

Besides the major hotel attractions already included above, there are still tons of things to see in various hotel and casinos in Macau. Every establishment is special in their own right and a visit is almost surely extremely visually appealing. A sample of which in Wynn Macau’s rotunda are a pair of admission free entertainments you definitely shouldn’t miss: Dragon of Fortune and the Tree of Prosperity. The Dragon of Fortune features a dragon rising above the mist with glowing eyes and smoke coming out of its nostrils. Alternating the later is the Tree of Prosperity which features an 11-meter tree with leaves embellished in 24K gold. The tree gracefully spins while providing an illusion of changing seasons. Both shows have an approximately 4 minute duration and are running alternately in 30 minute intervals daily. Note: You can get from one hotel and casino to another by taking advantage of the free shuttle buses. 

10. Sample Macanese Delicacies

Who would say no to free food? Not the budget traveler of course! Majority of souvenir and pastry shops in Macau over free taste of their delicacies. Don’t be shy to try out a few samples, just make sure they are indeed free samples though. If you like some, buy some, if you don’t or don’t have the budget for it, just say thank you and walk away. No one will glare at you for not buying anything. 

Macau, whose luxurious reputation can be off-putting, is surprisingly budget-friendly. With the above list of things to do in Macau for free, you can plan your trip in a way that maximizes your time and money.

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