A Guide to Taboan Public Market - The Dried Fish Capital of Cebu

Sunday, February 10, 2019
Danggit, a thin kind of salted dried fish, is one of Cebu City’s most famous ‘pasalubongs’. Various places in the city sell dried fish, but none is as popular as Taboan Public Market, also known as the Dried Fish Center of Cebu. The choices and variety of dried fish you can buy here is far wider than all other store in Cebu, that is why a visit to Cebu isn’t complete without going to Taboan. Continue reading below for some things you need to know about Taboan Public Market.

How to Get To Taboan Public Market?

If you’re a traveler, the best way to get to Taboan Market is through a taxi. Taxi drivers are very familiar with this place. It’s not too far off from key locations in the city too, so you don’t have to worry about your taxi bill being too expensive. However, if you want to go for a more ‘local’ route, you can easily ride a jeepney. Jeepneys marked with 04D, 08G, 17B, 17D will pass by here. If you’re not familiar with the place, talk to the driver or the conductor to drop you off at Taboan Market. Jeepney drivers and conductors are very helpful to tourists.

Taboan Public Market

Things to Know About Taboan Public Market

1. One kilo of dried fish usually costs around 350-750 pesos, depending on quality. 

Since there is a wide array of choices, prices vary as well. Some of the more expensive kinds are marinated with garlic or other flavors, referred to as ‘special’, for a more mouth watering taste.

2. You can haggle. 

Like all other markets, you can always haggle with the market vendors to buy any product at a lower price. Be sure to haggle reasonably also. The vendors are earning money through honest and hard work. Don’t expect them to give you a price that’s too low that they’re basically giving away their products for free. That’s not fair to the vendors and is bad for the overall health of the market as well.

Taboan Public Market
You can find all sorts of Cebu delicacies in Taboan Market also!

3. Other Cebu Delicacies are also sold here. 

When visiting Tabaon Public Market, you won’t just see dried fish for sale. There are also other famous Cebu delicacies available here such as dried mangoes, chicharon, otap, chorizo de Cebu and many more.

4. Danggit is just one of the many dried seafood displayed in Taboan. 

Some of the other seafood sold in Tabaon are dried shrimp, dried squid, fish tapa, fish tocino and other types of dried fish.

Taboan Public Market

5. Be sure to compare prices before buying anything. 

Prices offered by shops inside the market are cheaper than those of the stores near the entrance. To make sure you are getting the best prices, look around the market first before making a purchase.

6. It is not as busy as other markets. 

If you’re a bit hesitant to visit Taboan because you think it’d be too crowded like other markets in the Philippines, then worry not. Taboan is very quiet and low key, unlike the bigger Carbon Public Market. It is also surprisingly clean. You surely will not be uncomfortable.

Taboan Public Market

7. The smell of dried fish is strong enough to stick onto your clothes. 

Yes, when visiting Taboan Market, expect that you will be smelling like dried fish afterwards. Make sure to schedule your visit accordingly. Plan your clothes as well, you wouldn’t want your fave outfits smelling like dried fish. If you have somewhere to go after, a bath or a change in clothes would be a good idea.

8. You can ask vendors to pack your purchases in small sizes. 

On a budget? You can still get everyone on your list a pack of Cebu’s danggit. You can ask the seller to pack your purchases into smaller sizes (1/8 kilo) for it to be ‘pasalubong’ ready. Smaller packs can be easily distributed to your friends and it is usually enough for one meal.

Taboan Public Market

9. Dried fish can be placed on your carry-on. 

If you’re a budget traveler and you don’t have baggage allowance, you can still take these smelly delicacies home. You can bring dried fish from Taboan Market on your carry-on baggage. Just make sure to tell the vendor to pack it to be hand carry friendly. They will already know what to do.

10. Taboan Public Market is open as early as 4am and as late as 8pm.

Although at the earlier and later hours, fewer stalls are open. Schedule your trip accordingly.

Taboan Public Market

There you have it, the important things you need to know about Taboan Market. I hope that this has been helpful to you. If you ever find yourself in Cebu, a visit to Taboan Market is always a good idea. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your dried fish with some hot rice and spicy vinegar!


  1. Visiting such market places is so much fun!!!


  2. The Taboan market seems like a neat place to check out! I actually really enjoy eating dried fick as a snack and loveee local farmer markets. :)


  3. I been here in Cebu for almost a year now and yet I haven't check this place, reading this blog makes me familiar to this place to venture more areas in Cebu, Thanks for sharing.

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