A Guide to Traveling on a Budget

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Budget Travel
Traveling on a budget can be hard, but not with these tips!
So, you’ve booked a flight from a seat sale, and you’re about to get jet set? Not so fast! Traveling on a budget requires careful planning both before and during the trip. Read on for some of our favorite tips here for seeing the world, without breaking the bank. 

1. Travel Outside of Peak Season 

It is tempting to travel during festivals and holidays, but these are also the times when airlines and accommodations post higher prices. Traveling outside of these busy times allows you to avail of special travel promos that can cut your costs considerably. 

2. Book a Hostel Early 

That suite at a 4-star hotel with room service and an in-house spa may offer the best in rest and relaxation, but these luxuries come at a high price. Most hostels offer comfortable rooms with amenities such as internet, cable TV, and a solo bathroom, but all at lower costs. Book a hostel room early to avail of lower rates and get that massage elsewhere. 

3. Plan Your Itinerary Smartly 

Every destination has its “must-see” sights, but these mandatory stops come with a caveat. Some places are also known as “tourist traps”, wherein less savvy travelers may end up shelling out on unnecessary services, tours, and the bane of everyone’s budget—souvenirs! Search online, read reviews, and ask seasoned travelers for recommendations that are off the beaten track, or for how to cut costs at the more touristy places. Look up museums, cultural festivals, outdoor shows, and other experiential attractions with free entrance or minimal door charges.

Budget Travel
Utilizing public transportation can reduce travel costs dramatically!

4. Take Public Transportation 

Booking taxis or transport network services may be the fastest way to get you across a busy city. However, these trips can add up significantly even over a stay of a few days. Allot more time for travel, familiarize yourself with bus and train routes, and get walking! Acquiring passes or multi-use tickets upon arrival will help make your public transport experience more convenient.

5. Get Local Food Recommendations 

Venture beyond eating solely at fast-food restaurants or worse, at convenience stores (even if those microwavable meals and instant noodles are cute). Ask friends residing at your destination or even friendly faces such as your hostel concierge for their food recommendations. Not only will you cut costs significantly, but you will have the opportunity to be acquainted with a hallmark of another place’s culture: its cuisine.

6. Watch Out for ATM Fees 

Traveling without cash is very convenient, but there’s a drawback to relying on ATM withdrawals or debit especially for overseas travel. ATM withdrawals at your destination may have additional fees especially for cards issued at your point of origin. Make such transactions sparingly, and make sure to carry just enough of the local currency, always secured on your person!

7. Be Haggle Savvy 

It’s a common enough scenario at the market: you are offered an outlandish price for a beautiful trinket or rare good, but you are given the opportunity to haggle. Before springing for your “lowered” price, make sure that you have compared selling prices for similar items from different sellers. You might be paying for a seemingly marked down curio, only to find that you could have bought it for less just down the road! As with all bargain finds, check the quality of your purchases to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

8. Consider the Overnight Train 

Traveling over land? Taking the night train is an efficient option to get you from Destination A to Destination B, without the added hassle of paying for an additional night at your accommodations. Just make sure to secure your belongings if you must snooze en route.

9. Limit Pasalubong 

Lastly, keep the excess weight off your baggage by buying ‘pasalubong’ smartly. Don’t buy heavy and fragile items or anything that can lead to unexpected overweight baggage charges.

Having limited funds does not mean a damper on enjoyment. In fact, travelers regard a budget as an additional motivation to get the best value for their money when having a trip like no other. We hope these tips will be helpful to you, and bon voyage!

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