9 Dresses That Your Bridesmaids Will Thank You For

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Being someone's bridesmaid is a thing of honor. This means that you are one of the few women in the bride's life that she considers reliable. She wants you to stand with her as she leaps towards a new chapter of her life. That's something to be excited about, right? But sometimes, being a bridesmaid causes a tinge of dread for most women. Why? Mostly because bridesmaid dresses are notorious for being, for the lack of a better word, ugly. There's even a movie chronicling how silly bridesmaid dresses could get, remember the romantic comedy 27 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl?

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Why are Bridesmaid Dresses Ugly?

Experts say that bridesmaid dresses are so hard to get right because the bride has to worry about choosing one style and color of dress that would compliment each of her bridesmaid's skin tones and body types while also putting into consideration wedding finances, their personal preferences and the overall wedding theme. All these are in addition to countless other decisions that the bride has to make and the  huge amount of stress she has to endure. Some even claim that brides strategically place their friends in silly outfits to not draw any attention away from the most important woman in the wedding: the bride.

With everything else considered, ugly bridesmaid dresses are actually understandable and forgivable. However, every bride can avoid this tragic wedding cliche with these 9 dresses that your bridesmaids will thank you for.

This A-Line Sleeveless Chiffon Dress in Mint will go with every figure and skin tone.

Are your tastes a bit more sophisticated? You might want your female troop to look elegant beside you on your special day. This A-Line V-neck Chiffon Beaded Chiffon Dress will do the job. It is also available in Burgundy and Navy Blue. 

Birds of the same feather do not necessary flock together, so how about something customizable for every personality in your group of ladies? This Convertible Jersey Bridesmaid Dress in Sky Blue will be perfect for your squad. 

Want something a little bit understated but gorgeous at the same time? This Stunning Bubble Gum Hued Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress can be reused by your ladies for other events they would attend. 

Here's another low-key dress that your girls will love. Note to self: Simplicity is elegant, as shown in this A-Line Spaghetti Strap Dress with a long sexy split. The Grape color is to die for too, don't you think?

Are your tastes more on the girly side? Then you'll be perfectly fine with a Charming One-Shoulder Dress, especially if it's in this lovely Blushing Pink shade.

Don't want to dress your BFF's in floor length frocks? This Charming Knee-length number will keep them looking prim and proper without the floor length hassle.

If your friends are in love with Greek goddess look, then this Chiffon Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress is the one for you. The neutral tones and dress structure will compliment every body type and skin tone.

Would you love your beloved friends to look like a million bucks on your wedding day? This Black Beading A-Line Dress will make them look the way only a supportive best friend deserves to look. 

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