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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Streetyard in Parkmall Cebu

Wondering where you can find the best tasting porkchops in Cebu? I might just have the answer to that: Streetyard. Streetyard is a budget friendly restaurant that serves sauced porkchops, among others. 

The restaurant started back in October 2014 as a small stall in JCentre Mall known to be as "SnakYard". They initially only aimed to sell their first products: Mac and Cheese and Nachos. The owners didn't have big plans for the business since it only served as a sideline on top of their regular jobs. They decided to add the Pesto Herbed Pork Chop to their line up to widen the menu. They had not expected that it would significantly change their course of business moving forward.

By February 2015, the small stall was transferred to the mall's food court area due to the increasing demand for the Pesto Herbed Pork Chop. A food cart simply could not handle the volume of customers they were getting. On September 2016, the mall had to demolish the food court area. To continue their service, the mall management offered them a temporary store. Due to the public's continued support, "SnakYard" owners decided to formally acquire the area, making the once small food cart a full pledge restaurant. 

Last May 2017, their second branch newly branded as "Streetyard" opened up in Parkmall, Mandaue.

Streetyard in Parkmall Cebu

Never having been able to visit JCentre Mall, ever, I have not heard of them before. A good friend of mine kept on telling me that I have got to try Streetyard's porkchops, saying nothing but great things about them. This had me crazy curious. So when I was able to stop over Parkmall, I did not let the opportunity pass me by. I had to try the so called best porkchops in Cebu and the time has finally come. 

The Streetyard Menu 

Streetyard Menu Cebu

The Pesto Herbed Porkchops might have put Streetyard on the list of must try restaurants in Cebu City, but the owners did not stop there. Streetyard currently has three variations of their famous chops on the menu: Pesto Herbed, Sour Cream and Hang-over. They also serve Cabonara, Grilled Sandwiches, Nacho's and Mac and Cheese. All of which are very affordable.

Streetyard Menu Cebu

The Food

I only got to try the Famous Pesto Herbed and Hang-over Pork Chops which I had on two different visits. We also ordered a serving of their Carbonara. 

Pesto Herbed Pork Chop

Streetyard Pesto Herbed Porkchop

The star of the Streetyard menu is a hefty sized porkchop with butter and pesto sauce served with a cup of rice and sliced cucumber sidings. 

I swear, after trying this for the first time, I found myself daydreaming about it a few days later. I get it now. My boyfriend who ordered a serving of Carbonara instead of a porkchop meal claiming he wasn't hungry enough, got to taste it only from a few slices I was willing to share with him. I could see jealousy in his eyes as I feasted on my porkchop and he regretfully settles with his Carbonara. The carbanora was good, but it was no pesto herbed pork chop. On our second visit to Streetyard, he finally ordered his own plate. 

Hang-Over Pork Chop

Streetyard Hang-over Porkchop

I ordered Hang-over Pork Chop on my second visit. The pesto herbed one was so good that I was curious about the other chop variations. The sauce is creamy, a little spicy and very cheesy. It reminded me of the sauce used in Chili-con-carne. The sauce was of very generous portions, which I definitely enjoyed. Just like most Filipino's, I tend to like having my rice smothered with sauce. It was too much for my boyfriend though, who is a complete opposite of me when it comes to my love for sauces. 


Streetyard Carbonara

Streetyard's Carbonara is as creamy as can be. It's not too dry but not too wet either and it had a generous amount of ham bits. Overall, it's a decent serving for such the cheap price. Pasta is also a good addition to the Streetyard menu for added variety. 

The Aesthetic

Streetyard in Parkmall Cebu

The Streetyard aesthetic, if I could describe it properly, is a combination of hominess with touches of modern edge. The menu board with its corresponding prices is readable and clearly presented at the counter. Although the restaurant itself is not as "instagram-able" (apparently a requirement now) as other newly opened hip restaurants in Cebu, it still offers a relaxing ambiance and contains a certain lovable charm.


You may visit Streetyard or Snakyard in the following locations:


2nd Floor, Parkmall (beside MexiMama), Mandaue City


Upper Ground Floor, JCentre Mall, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City

For more information, please visit their Facebook page.

If you're looking for the best porkchops in Cebu City or maybe just looking for a new affordable place to dine at, give Streetyard or Snakyard a visit. Streetyard is definitely on my list of the must try restaurants in Cebu. 

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way. All food items were purchased by the writer.


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