Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Review, Worth the Hype?

September 22, 2018 2
Ever since I became an adolescent, I have been battling various skin problems which I thought would go away when I reached adulthood. I was...

Why You Need An Outdoor Inflatable Tumble Track At Home

September 18, 2018 6
An inflatable tumble track can be used both indoor and outdoor.  Tumble tracks are commonly seen in gyms used by professional gymnas...

B&Soap My Secret! Glacial Water Mask Review

September 15, 2018 3
This review is about the B&Soap's My Secret! Glacial Water Mask that I bought from Althea Korea sometime last year. I was o...

The Girl Code: 7 Basic Unspoken Rules Every Girl Should Follow

September 09, 2018 15
The Girl Code is a set of unspoken rules that teaches women to treat each other with kindness, love and respect. However, in today'...

Streetyard - The Best Porkchops in Cebu

September 02, 2018 15
Wondering where you can find the best tasting porkchops in Cebu ? I might just have the answer to that: Streetyard . Streetyard is ...

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