Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Monday, October 23, 2017

Last year, you started you Christmas shopping late and panic bought all of your presents. We all know how that turned out: lower quality gifts, too much money spent and a super stressed out you. You regretted it so much, you vowed that this year would be different. This year, you'd actually start earlier. 2017 cruised by and suddenly you hear Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas Is You' everywhere, this could only mean one thing: it's October. Yikes! It's not yet too late though, you still got two months left. These Christmas gift ideas for everyone that you love will help you get on your feet!

Gift Ideas for your Mom:

You love her to bits, and if anyone deserves to receive something fabulous this year, it's definitely her. You owe her that much. 

She'll love:
An iconic fragance worthy for a woman of her importance;
A beauty oil to keep her good looks you inherited;
A tube of hair mask cause mom's hair should always be perfect;
Cute watch gift set to help her stay fashionable and on time while running errands;
Himalayan crystal salt lamp cause it'd be a great addition to her room;
Head to Toe Beauty Routine Box from Althea to take care of her beauty woes from head to toe;
A super fun apron to let her know how much you appreciate her cooking;

Gift Ideas for your Dad:

Dad has always been the number one man in your life. A great Christmas gift is the perfect way to let him know. 

He'll love: 
A comfortable pair of shoes he can also show off to his friends;
A masculine fragrance he can wear everyday that your mom won't get enough of;
A vanity kit/skincare set, your mom will thank you for it;
A sleek alcohol flask to match the stylish gentleman that he is;
His favorite liquor cause as far as dad is concerned, you can never go wrong with alcohol;

Gift Ideas for your Sister:

You've been through childish banter and petty fights during your younger days but as you grew up, she became your role model. She is your go-to person when you need advise, may it be about your career or just about what shade of lipstick to buy. Show her how much you appreciate her by giving her a bunch of pretty things this holiday season. She'll probably let you borrow them anyway.

She'll love: 
A neutral eye shadow palette (like L'Oreal's Color Riche La Palette Nude)   to amp up her daily make up look;
Benefit Cosmetics highlighter gift set cause you know how much she loves looking like a million bucks;
The Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum to keep her youthful looking skin;
A trusty foundation like L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation so she won't worry about oily Tzones;
A stylish yet practical handbag for a classy woman with an on the go schedule like her;
Trendy  Fenty slippers, she'll feel like a princess with these fluffy slippers by Rihanna herself;
Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch cause no one really likes panda eyes that much;
A classic bracelet that would match all her outfits;

Gift Ideas for your Brother:

He's the one person who you're sure will look out for your well-being, even if it means scaring off potential boyfriends. Let him know you appreciate this gesture(maybe not so much for the scaring off boyfriends part) by getting him a thoughtful give these holidays.

He'll love:
A travel pillow so he knows you worry about him while he's going wandering about, exploring the world;
A sporty decorative pillow cause you know he'll love to have this in his living room;
A roomy sling bag he can put all his man essentials in;
An electric shaver to lessen the time he spends prepping his 'stache;
A passport holder because you never forgot the time he lost his boarding pass;
Hair products cause the man is almost just as vain as you;

Gift Ideas for your Aunt:

Your mom's great but let's admit, your aunt's cooler. If you had a second mother, it would be her. Give her a Christmas present that's a cool as her.

She'll love:
A fun scarf to keep the aunt vibes going;
Shiseido's Collagen Powder because it's all the rave these days;
A sweet smelling body mist that'll remind her of you;
A chic new wallet that will safely keep her money in style;
A bold lipstick like Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick that'll surely make her a head turner;
Sandals she can wear so she can shop for groceries comfortably;

Gift Ideas for your Cousin:

You were best friends when you were younger, but as you grew up, you also grew apart. Let her know she's still an important part of your life through getting her a thoughtful gift these holidays.

She'll love:
Tony Moly's Tomatox Magic Massage Pack for it's effective whitening, she'll enjoy the fantastic packaging too!;
Comfortable rubber sandals she can wear rain or shine;
Shiseido's Medicated Baby Powder because it's useful for days when she wants to keep her makeup light;
Maybelline Volum' Express The Hyper Curl mascara because great lashes will help her make things happen;
Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm because it'll keep her lips highly pigmented, matte and moisturized at the same time;
Missha's All Over perfume mist because it smells so fresh that she'll look forward to spraying it everyday;
A brush set because girls can never have too many make up brushes. 

Gift Ideas for your Bestfriend:

You've been through thick and thin together, witnessed all the heartbreak, successes and even that ugly haircut you sported in high school. She's your best friend and she deserves the best as well. 

She'll love:

A trendy new bag(like just about anything from Anello) that's flexible enough for every possible activity in her schedule;
Althea Petal Velvet Powder to keep the oiliness at bay while smelling like a bouquet of flowers
A girly eye mask reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's in Breakfast at Tiffany's just because, you know, Audrey Hepburn;
L'Oréal's Micellar Cleansing Water for days when washing her face seems like a chore, you can understand;
A scented candle that she'll look forward to lighting at the end of her stressful day;
A personalized necklace to remind her of how special she is for you;
A playful shade of Maybelline's Powder Matte lipstick to lend her the confidence to conquer the world;

Gift Ideas for your Girlfriends:

You share great memories and juicy gossip too! Give them a Christmas present that they can use so they know you appreciate their presence in your life. 

They'll love:
A pack of Oil Blotting paper they can keep in their purse for beauty oily emergencies;
A cute compact mirror they can use to make sure their lipstick have not stained their teeth;
Calmia's Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue to help remove their mascara without ripping their lashes off;
Face sheet masks (like Lebaton's) because instant spa!
A beauty blender because she's a girl, she obviously needs one.
Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish to recreate that expensive salon look at the comfort of her home;
A hand sanitizer to keep her hand sanitized in case she ever finds herself in icky situations;
A furry bag charm because it'll make her new bag cuter than it already is now;
A tube of hand cream because scaly rough hands are so last season;

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend:

He treats you like a princess and you're very lucky(and confused how your awkward self managed to get such a great catch). He's the best and you know you it. It's time for you to make him feel special through an equally special gift this Christmas.

He'll love:
Fantastic reusable ice cubes because he'll love impressing his house guests with these babies;
A special edition of an album of his favorite band because it'll be a great addition to his collection;
A high quality power bank to make his gadgets' batteries last from dusk till dawn;
A witty shirt of his favorite TV series because he'll appreciate that you've been paying attention to the things that he likes;
A functional laptop bag to keep his baby and its accessories safe and portable;
A durable data cable cause all those dang data cables keep on breaking so easily;

Gift Ideas for your Guyfriend:

You like how he's always the first one to tag you in a funny meme. Regardless of his funny side, you can count on him to have your back in serious moments as well. 

He'll love:
A fun card game (like Joking Hazard) he can bring out during parties;
A pair of socks because you know his washing machine eats up all of his socks;
A pair of slippers for days when he doesn't feel like wearing shoes;
Hair wax to help him attract all the ladies;
A funny mug he'll love to drink coffee in;
A versatile pouch he can use to store his earphones, coins or flash drive in;

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend's Mom:

She's a queen who raised a prince, not just any prince, but your prince. She's someone you really want to impress. A fabulous gift these holidays may just win you her approval.

She'll love:
succulent plant because frankly speaking, who doesn't love succulents these days?;

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel because it's an all in one product she can use for her hair, face and even for sunburns!;
Missha's Time Revolution Special Set cause it's time she got introduced to the world of K-Beauty and what it can do for your skin;
Shiseido's The Collagen Drink cause she'll need to be taking care of her skin from within too;
Guerisson 9 Complex Cream so she could try out an eccentric beauty product that works wonders;
Balisur Tea set she can drink while she lounges during afternoons;

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend's Dad:

Your boyfriend raves about him more than his favorite football player, he must be really a spectacular dude. A guy of his caliber must receive something awesome this Christmas.

He'll love:
Monochromatic socks cause a gentleman should be sleek from his feet up;
A Darts game set because what awesome dad doesn't play darts?;
His favorite liquor because let's be honest, if there's one thing that'll make all dads happy, it's alcohol;
BackJoy Posture Seats  cause it's back pain minimizing effect will surely impress him and his back;
Hair reborn set from HairFood Co. because your real men also deserves a lush crowning glory;

Gift Ideas for your Nephew:

You're very thankful for the day he came into your life. You didn't knew how fun it was to be an aunt to a cute little man. Get him something that'll make you the best aunt ever this Christmas.

He'll love:
A shirt or pajama set of something he loves because he'll gladly walk around wearing it with pride;
Crocodile Dentist Biting Hand Game because you can have fun playing it together;
A dinosaur toy because duh, DINOSAURS!;
A lego set because young boys surely love to assemble things;

Gift Ideas for your Niece:

You love having a niece you can dress up like a mini me. Give her something you would have loved to get when you were a young girl.

She'll love:
A track suit outfit so she looks like a mini it-girl
A girly backpack because she'll be the envy of the entire class while sporting it
A doll of her favorite character because you know she would love to have one
Cartoon socks because she'll love wearing these everyday
A cool pencil case because young girls often compete through their pencil cases.
A princess gift set so she can play princess for a day

Gift Ideas for your Younger Cousins:

He'll love:
A body spray because you know how teen boys smell;
A hat all of his friends would also love to have;
A set of earphones he can use to listen to his angsty teen music with;
A funkopop action figure to replace his toy cars;

She'll love:
Cute sticky notes so she can take notes in style;
Character socks because it'll make wearing her daily sneakers extra fun;
Highlighter set because you remember how excited you were when you received one when you were younger;
Character journal or planner to introduce her to the world of organizers and planner which she'll have lots of when she gets older;

Gift Ideas for your Boss:

She's your mentor and you've got nothing but respect for her. You'll also need to impress her to get promoted so there's that. Get her something simple yet thoughful for Christmas like a handwash or a box of cookies.

Gift Ideas for You:

You achieved a lot this year even if things weren't always smooth sailing you deserve to spoil yourself this Christmas too. 

You'll love:
A stylish new bag that's big enough to carry your daily essentials, that bottle of water has got to fit!;
Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask because you always dreamt of waking up to better skin everyday;
Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation to hide any imperfections and pores too!;
L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Ultra Light hair color to help you update your look instantly for the new year (P.S. it's tailor-made for dark-haired girls like Filipina's);
Sandals that'll make your daily commute more comfortable;
New nude colored slip ons because you've lusted over them ever since you saw them on your Instagram feed;
The Body Shop British Rose gift set so you end up smelling like the pretty rose that you are;

These holidays, remember that it doesn't really matter what you get your loved ones, what matters is that you've made an effort to get them something. As the popular saying goes, it's the thought that counts. Good Luck gift shopping!

Note: All of the products mentioned in this post are my personal choices (based on actual people in my life) and not sponsored in anyway. 


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