Canyoneering at Badian, Cebu

September 29, 2017

Greetings everyone!

I am finally back and since it's not yet too late to share something 'summery', I'd like to share our recent adventure: Canyoneering at Badian, Cebu. I would really try to make this post as helpful as possible, in any case you'd like to go and take on the adventure yourself.

I wasn't really excited for this one, since I don't have any adventurous veins in me. Seriously though, my idea of a good time is practically lying down in bed all day. But since this was a company event and I wanted to bond with my co-workers, I didn't think twice about coming. Turns out, I had loads of fun!

At Carcar City Public Market.
The Journey. We left Cebu City around 5 am. The company provided our vehicle but if you're going to take the bus (from South Bus Terminal) it is 3 hours away and it would cost around Php120 per person. We arrived at Carcar City by 7 am and we bought lechon for breakfast. If you haven't tried it yet, I definitely recommend Carcar City's lechon and special chicharon. Super yummy. From there, it's around another hour of travel to finally reach the starting point.

The Tour Guide/Package. We found our tour guide online. Our package only cost us Php750/head. But this is because there were 26 of us. The larger the group, the cheaper the price. Normally, it would cost Php1000-Php2000 for smaller groups. The price would also depend on the inclusions. Some packages include the fare for the habal-habal ride (going to the jump off point), tourist fee (Php50/head for Filipinos and P100/head for foreigners), gear, snacks, 1 bottle of water and a hearty meal at the end of the trail. Better ask your tour guide about this so that you won't get surprised with additional charges.

3-5hrs Activity. We started the Canyoneering Activity at 10AM and finished around 3PM. We were a slow group of course. Partly because we were a large group so during queues for jumps or slides, smaller groups get to cut ahead of us. If you're going to do this, make sure you're well rested since it's rather long and tiring. The earliest you can start the activity is 6:00AM and the latest is 3:00PM. This is to make sure that you'll finish the activity with enough sunlight.

Orientation. Before we started, our tour guides gave a quick but thorough orientation. They taught us how to jump properly and about the do's and don't during the activity like always wearing your life vest and helmet, wear shoes, etc. If you forgot to bring shoes, like I did, you can rent one for Php50. Although I highly don't recommend this. Bring your own shoes if you can.
The First jump.
Jumps and Slides. Canyoneering at Badian is filled with lots of jumps and slides. ALOT. The first jump is one of the highest jumps in the trail. It appears after 5-10minutes in the course, and it is REQUIRED so
better prepare for that. Don't worry though, the next few jumps will be easy once you've conquered the first one. Kinda gets your adrenaline pumped. There are at least 3 high jumps through out the trail. The first jump is the only one that is required. Thank goodness for that right?

Fantasic Scenery.  If you love nature and enjoy scenic views, then you'd love the enchanting allure of view you'll witness as you go through the course. There are actually times when I almost can't believe that something like this exist and it is just right there before my eyes! The photo opportunities are endless, a GoPro would be helpful. If you don't have one, I believe you can rent one from your tour guide. Just inform them ahead of time of course. If you do have a GoPro, don't forget extra batteries. The trek may last up to 5 hours, your GoPro will not last long. Ours didn't even reach Kawasan Falls. :(

Barbeque Area. There's a barbeque area that's strategically located within the trail. You can select from a wide variety of products such as grilled hotdog, chicken barbeque, pork barbeque and even drinks. As we reached the Barbeque Area, we were truly hungry so we had to stop over for awhile to eat. You don't have to carry money with you, your tour guide can list your purchases for you and you can pay for the food through your tour guide at the end of the activity.

Our tour guides even have Instagram worthy photography skills!  They'll be happy to take your pictures for you. They'll even have a few concepts for the pictures as well. Part of their training probably. :D

Kawasan Falls. Kasawan Falls, another well-known tourist destination in the Cebu area, is the end point of the Canyoneering Activity. It is beautiful, although it had been too commercialized. There are cottages when you can stay, rest and eat. Our complementary lunch was served here as well. Our tour guides prepared chicken adobo, pork sinigang and pancit for us. I'm not sure if the food was really yummy or if I was just tired and hungry. We had no pictures here because our camera died prior to reaching this point. After lunch, we took a dip at the cool and refreshing water of the falls.

Have you tried this yet? If not, then I recommend that you take on the Canyoneering at Badian Challenge. Regardless whether you're an adventure junkie or prefer to be laidback, I'm sure you'll love and enjoy this experience.

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17 (mga) komento

  1. OMG this is too amazing and wonderful ! I wish to be here some day !

    1. You should really try something like this soon! :)

  2. This sounds super fun! I've actually never tried this before but we've got a canyoneering resort just 15 minutes away from where I live. It would be a great adventure if only I can convince my friends to make time

    1. It was super fun! Hope you can convince your friends to try that out next time.

  3. I've never heard of canyoneering before but it looks so much fun. And the colour of that water is so dreamy!

    1. The view is really really dreamy. I can't even believe I was there. :D

  4. I haven't tried canyoneering yet, but it sure sounded fun. I've been wanting to visit Cebu for a long time now, and so far, I'm still in the process of saving up. Hope to try this soon! :D

    xx, Da | The Diary Queen

    1. I just found out the area is closed at the moment. Hope they open it up soon. :)

  5. Wow, this sounds like a fantastic adventure!

  6. Ohh, the last time I did something similar was when I was in highschool. Like 8 yrs ago? Hahaha... It's super fun and really pumps out the life in you. Hahaha. I wish I could have another adventure like this one again soon.

    MicaThere's More to Mica

  7. woah! that's intense and looks so much fun!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

    1. Was super tired after. Haha. Thanks. :)

  8. what a cool experience, awesome photos!

    danielle | avec danielle



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