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Friday, August 25, 2017
I'm so sorry about my irresponsibility as a blogger. I've been super busy lately. It's like our teachers punished us for having fun during the holidays. Ugh. I don't have spare time anymore. It's just sad.

So, onto the point of this post. 

I've never been a pageanty type of girl. So I'm not sure why ever since I got into college, my college had their eye on me, wanting me to represent them in the school pageant. But since I can't imagine myself being one of those girls and walking and answering questions and fake smiling, I turned them down every year. Not so much this year. Not because I wanted to join but because I didn't have a choice. They kept pressuring me and pressuring me for three years until I just got used with the idea. 

We had to fill up a form and I just stared at the form for the longest time. I can't come up with answers. I'm not on the 'write fake and cheesy answers' side. So, my brilliant friends helped me with that. They are seriously very supportive. I don't know if they're really excited or if they just feel bad for me that I have to go through this. But then again, this has been written in my fate. I have to join. And I hate it! 

Moving on, we have to have practices and stuff. Plus I have to practice for the talent portion and don't forget about working out and dieting. This in addition to the tons of school work I have to do and my online work, I think it's too much for me to handle. I'm not superwoman. I have to sleep people. The pageant will be in less than a month. I'm still not prepared. 

Anyway, wish me luck. I hope I don't, in any way, embarrass myself. I'm sure I would! 

By the way, have you ever joined a pageant? If yes, can you give me tips? If no, can you imagine yourself joining one? 


  1. goodluck veron ! i bet you will do great in peagant thingy ! n_n and nooo i couldn't imagine if im joining one people probably gonna pass out seeing me hahah XD

  2. Oh! Good timing! It was yesterday that my college held their annual Mr. and Ms CAS and I was one of those who helped in stage design. And I got a glimpse of how pageants works in my college :D And no, I never joined! It's never my thing! And I will never be! So modelling is fine. B)

    Anyway, as I was watching the rehearsal while we were finishing the stage, I took the following notes as something every aspiring/pressured (in your case) pageant contestants need:

    -Stage Presence. Like, you must put it in your head that you have to pose and stand still and walk and count to 3 and then you say stuff like, "MARIA CLARA, 17, MASS COMMUNICATION!" then count to 3 and walk back and...yeah if you get what I mean. Oh, and you are required do that in high heels. And I know it's not every girl's thing.

    -Timing. Every contestant must remember the time limit for retouch and change of clothes for the next segment. This is pressuring, I bet. Since you have to do everything in rush!

    -Pasensiya. It always applies. Lalo na kung badtrip na yung Project Head/Director ng Pageant. Pagpasensiyahan niyo nalang. :)

    -Be an early bird. When the PH gives you the call time, I suggest you should be on the venue an hour early or more. :)

    -Poise. And lastly,

    -Act natural! It may be new for you but you will get by. :D

    Good luck out there! Even though it's not your thing, enjoy it. :)

  3. Good luck with your pageant! I admire your courage for taking up the challenge (despite being forced into it, haha) which I'll never be able to do. All the best to you! :)

  4. gl├╝ck! The only pageant I've ever joined was when my parents entered me in this Little Miss contest when I was 5 hahah and a few forced school and district representations yet not contest here and there:)

  5. I can understand why your schoolmates/friends keep bugging you about joining. you are smart and really gorgeous I'm sure you'll make a great pageant contestant!! Best of Luck! Keep us updated about it!!

  6. Ohh that sucks that they've pressured you into this. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great and I hope hope hope it turns out to be way more fun than you think!

  7. Wow, good luck Veron!!! I'm sure you'd win! Maybe they really want you to join the pageant because they feel you have what it takes to be a beauty queen. I'm not just talking about the looks, but also the brain and personality / characteristics of a beauty queen.

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