2013 Wrap Up

Sunday, December 29, 2013
2013 was a great year. A lot of things happened, some changed for the better, some, not so much. I got close to many new people but I also 'lost' some friends. Not really lost but I just don't talk to them as often.
I love new years. They symbolize a new beginning. It always brings me hope that no matter how sad or great the past year was, it will only get better.

Before we welcome 2014, I would like to take this chance to celebrate 2013, the year that it was, by recounting all the major happenings during my past 12 months. So here's my 2013, in a nutshell.

My year started well. It was celebrated with family, as usual. This year was more fun than ever since the kids(me, my sister, my two cousins and my sister's boyfriend) were in-charge of the cooking. We decided what food to prepare.

I turned 19 on the first day of February. I celebrated it with my friends since it was a school night. 

This Valentines' Day was the most fun one yet. I didn't have a date or anything but me and my friend just bought all of these balloons for ourselves. Haha. Imagine the faces of people walking by us, thinking that we've got all these stuff from admirers. The College of Engineering and Technology won 1st place for the University Week 2013. During February also, we did a whole lot of field surveying, civil engineering stuff. I would always have a gear on(hoodie and a cap), so I don't get burnt by the sun.
Then it was my favorite nephew's first ever birthday. Happy Birthday Coby! We held a party, of course. 
I was awarded a medal during my school's annual 'Parangalan'. It was for being the Top 3 student for the College of Engineering and Technology. My whole family stood in support. :)

It was time the end of the school year. We said goodbye to teachers who were just teaching part-time, like our Mechanical Engineering teacher(see above). It was also however, the start of summer vacation, so parties and traveling. 
We attended my sister's bestfriend's wedding. Haha. Coby and I kept our outfits close to the motif which was turquoise. I always try my best to respect motifs. 
A few friends and I visited my bestfriend in Davao during her birthday. Don't I just have the most pretty friends? 
I can't believe this is my whole month of May. I just stay home during vacation. I kind of hibernate, I guess. I worked for a local shop as an usher when they opened up a branch. My sister was the marketing manager, she needed people, and her sister happens to be lying lazily at home. One of my friends also left to go to the Philippine National Police Academy. This was sad because it meant months of zero communication. 

Like every year, I became a TNT again. This meant that I was one of the people who welcomed freshmen to the university. The experience is always tiring but fun. The semester started a few days after the orientation. My schedule was not ideal. I had to go to school at exactly 7:30 am, everyday. Not to mention all my first period classes are on the top-most floor. It sucked.

 During the first meeting of our Materials Testing class, our teacher asked us to 'DEFINE ENGINEERING.' I, along with my 4 classmates, just sat there wide-eyed, not expecting the question yet not knowing the answer as well. Seriously, we didn't know what engineering was. I mean we do know, but we just can't put it into words. 

I attended a seminar for Civil Engineering Students. The speaker asked us a very important question: Why do you want to be a Civil Engineer? I didn't know what to answer. I initially didn't want to enroll in this course, but I did. So, I just quietly wrote 'because I CAN.' I'm not sure if it's an acceptable answer, but I think it is. 

June was quite a stressful month. We had to prepare for the Acquaintance Party, which I enjoy. 

It was a very successful Acquaintance Party. I haven't heard a bad feedback about it, until now. Well done. :) 

There was also this quiz bowl that I just got pulled to join. I have not prepared for it because I didn't intend to join. I was too afraid to because I already had this image that I was one of the smart people and if I joined and didn't even reach the top 10, shame! I even entered the room without a freaking calculator. Seriously, I was not ready. Everyone else had theirs. I was sad. But then again, the results came and I was on top of the list. I myself was shocked. I received P500.00 for this. HAHA. 
I also cut my hair. It was pretty long at this point.
Bonded with my friends. Since we had different courses, during the first semester we didn't have any more classes together. We didn't even have the same break periods. 
We went to Cebu for a random trip. I was so lucky I didn't get to miss classes because of back to back holidays. 
When I came back from Cebu, one of my friends was put through brain surgery. It was the hardest part of my 2013. He didn't wake up after the surgery. But we hoped. We visited him almost everyday after school and just stared at him through the glass of the ICU. I, however, would always cry. So I avoided visiting because I was in pain every time I left. Days after, the doctor said that he was now 'Brain Dead', which I knew basically means hopeless. But still, all my logic went away and prayed hard that he'd still wake up. He never did. I miss him. He was such a good guy. The nicest guy I've ever met. He's better off now. 
September was a good month. First, it was my mom's 50th birthday. So we had a party. Found my dress at an ukay-ukay shop. (HAHA) It was pretty cool, she danced with roses and had candles and everything. Just like a traditional Filipino debut. I joined Campus Patrol. We knew we were going to lose, so I ensured that I looked pretty. :P After the Intramurals, it was time for Civil Engineering Day. We met up with Civil Engineering students from other schools in the city. We were declared as the champions for the event although we were the most small in terms of number of students. 
It was the end of the semester again. It was such a stressful time. Hardest subjects we've ever had so far. We were glad it's over. I got picked again for being one of the students appearing on the university brochure. The above photo was the best I could do. It happened to be the time that I was struggling with my acne. Pimples just grew and grew. I didn't know what to do because I never had that problem before. :|
We went to Tagum this year for All Souls Day instead of our usual cemetery visits. It was an experience. When I got back home, school started. ERRR. My schedule and teachers are killing me. I can totally feel the pressure now. An addition would be my responsibilities as the Vice Chairperson of our College and as a blogger. I hardly have any time to finish all my requirements. So, I'm sorry if I've been quite inactive. There was also this project that we had to do. Everything was thrown to us during the first few weeks and it was just the first few weeks! What more would come when the semester settles in? I'll find out. 
This month was not only bad for me, it was bad for the country as well. Yolanda had to unleash its wrath and ended up killing around 5000 people. The silver lining though, we get to see the Filipinos unite. 
I attended a debut party of my friend and co-officer, Hannah. It was a fun night.

 We had this event every December that we call 'Pastoral Day'. It's when we feed scholars and give them gifts. This year we decided to just order from Jollibee, atleast we had a mascot. I mostly led since our president was away. Sooo stressful. Look at me in the photo. Haggard much? In the end though, it was truly fulfilling. I'm excited for next year.
Before we had our final exams, we opted to have a sort of 'mini christmas party'. For the five of us and our teacher. We had exchange gifts, I cooked spaghetti and then we ordered Jollibee meals for lunch. I received a Beatles Tshirt which I greatly appreciate. So now, moving on to the exams. One word: BOOOO! They were freaking hard. But I still don't know what the results are so let's wait until 2014 to find out.

Well, there you have it. I haven't realized this was turning out to be such a lengthy post. I don't mind if you don't really read through it, but I hope you do!

How about you? How did 2013 treat you? 


  1. a great year indeed! i wish you the best in life for the next. good luck!

  2. Waaa. This post is awesome. I couldn't even remember that much this year. Hopefully, next year I'll keep track of the things I did. Lol. Lets both enjoy 2014! <3 God bless ate Veron~

  3. I love this post. gave us a glimpse of your past year's highlights. Happy New Year, Veron :)

  4. seems like you had a great 2013! too bad there's only 12 months in a year hahah gl├╝ck to 2014 my dear may it be an even better one!

  5. what a lovely photo post you did there! Looks like you had a great 2013 and I'm wishing you the best for 2014:)

    you are gorgeous girl! I bet New years in the Philippines was the bomb. I only got to spend new years there once and it was unforgettable even if I was terrified of some of the neighbors fireworks landing in our terrace!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs girl! Happy New Year to you Veron :) *hugs*

  6. Wow. Cheers to an Awesome year!

  7. Amazing year!! You've been through a lot last year. Some good times yet some bad times. I'm sorry to hear about your friend who had surgery though :(

    Lets hope 2014 bring better memories :)

  8. your bday is feb 1st? omg i am a feb girl too, but mine is in the end *cries*
    i love your hair so much, give me it give me nooow ;a;
    happy new year!

  9. Happy New Year ! :D
    What you and your friends did on Valentines day is pretty cool huh. I like :D
    i envy your hair. hahaha, Well, good for you, unfortunately for me, my pimples just keep on sprouting and sprouting. Tsk.

    God Bless. :)
    cheenish.blogspot.com xx

  10. Happy new year!!!

    Good to see that you had a blast last year! It was indeed generally a good year :) Hope to have another awesome year ahead! :)


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